The full City Council of Barcelona, ​​live


The full City Council of Barcelona

5:40 PM The news : Colau wants to subscribe to variable arithmetic . The mayor seeks punctual support from the rest of the municipal groups in the debate on the state of the city to take forward their policies 17:39 The mayor encourages the council to transgress the rules and celebrate the Carnival party. 17:39 The Plenary Session of the City Council of Barcelona ends here 17:38 Support the Saharawi people and try to convince the European institutions to help hold a referendum on self-determination of this African region. 17:35 To institutionally recognize the work of the ESCLAT Foundation, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Manifest the pride generated by having a foundation like this one and its work for the inclusion of people with disabilities.

17:33 Urge the Spanish state that paternity and maternity leave are more similar as it already happens in the Nordic countries. 17:32 Let the City Council join the events to be held on February 28 for the International Day of Minority Diseases. 17:31 Urge the Spanish government to reduce the VAT to Funeral Services and pass it from the current 21% to 10%. 17:30 We give way to the Institutional declarations. 17:30 Asens: “I reiterate that we are awaiting the numismatic report.”

17:29 Puigcorbé: “We want them to recover the original republican design as a sign of rejection of the Franco regime” 17:29 Jaume Asens responds: “We still do not have the report that we asked for and when it arrives we will take the necessary measures”. 17:28 Juanjo Puigcorbé, ERC: “We want to know if the City Council has recovered the republican design of the Gold Medals of the City”. 17:26 Sanz: “The city has never commissioned so many studies and opposed so many opinions, we want more public transport proposals that do not focus on the connection of the tram on the Diagonal”. 17:25 Forn: “The studies you have presented are insufficient, we ask you not to do anything in this regard without having all the possible consensus.”

17:24 Janet Sanz responds: “The project needs political and social consensus

17:24 Janet Sanz responds: "The project needs political and social consensus


the measures we are taking respond to reports and no concrete measures have been taken yet”. 17:22 Joaquim Forn, Demòcrates: “The City Council is taking unilateral measures on the tracing of the tram”. 17:21 We arrived at the follow-up of proposals and group statements at the Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Hall 17:20 Responded by Eloi Badia: “Right now we have the project to create a muncipal funeral home, a waste management company, to continue working with BTV and many others so that these services return to the local power “. 17:19 Maria José Lecha, CUP: “What is the intention of the government to remunicipalism several social services that are currently being provided by private companies?”

17:16 Colau: “It was the Guardia Urbana itself that acted against those agents who continue with an open administrative file, what we can not do is put up early penalties.” 17:15 Garganté: “The criminal resolution of the case was closed two months ago. Have you not taken action yet?” 17:14 Colau: “We opened a disciplinary file to the two agents and the court declared that there were no criminal indications, now it returns to us and we are trying to clarify if they have committed administrative actions.” 17:13 Josep Garganté, CUP: “What sanctions have been taken against two agents who assaulted a motorcyclist in the Arrabassada?” 17:08 Colau: “Until March 1 we have time to present the City Council’s economic report but we have already I say there will be a surplus. “

17:08 Alberto Fernández Díaz: “Did you know the surplus of the Barcelona City Council?” 17:07 Colau: “Enough of telling lies, evictions are shrinking in the city of Barcelona, ​​it’s a shame that the Generalitat does not comply with its percentage of investment in the Housing Consortium.” 17:06 Benedí: “In what situation are the municipal services facing an outsourcing of this service? Does the government intend to do more outsourcing of social services?” 17:03 Colau: “We found that this service was offered by several companies and we tried to unify the service, we took out a public contest to which two travel agencies presented themselves and we hired one of the two.”
17:02 Montse Benedí, ERC: “Why the City Council has hired the travel agency Snowtravel to relocate citizens”.

17:01 Colau: “The state government has been asked to change the law in the shortest time possible, I hope we will all do it together


17:00 Mejías: “Having to return the money to the citizens will also affect the municipal budgets”. 16:59 Ada Colau responds: “If the legal framework is changed, we will be proactive because we also understand that it is an unjust tax”. 16:58 Carina Mejías, Citizens: “What measures does Barcelona City Council plan to take with respect to the capital gains of the flats?” 16:56 ” The prayers are over and we start with the questions

16:53 Eloi Badia responds: “This request can not be made because the constitution prevents it, there is no municipality that collects the perpetuity of the ownership of the niches”. 16:52 Alberto Fernández Díaz, PP: “We want to respect the perpetual ownership of the niches in cemeteries within the framework of the approval of the normative project of the ordinance of cemeteries.” 16:50 Sanz: “We agree to improve the communication policy” 16:50 Crowns: “I welcome that it is still fulfilled, there are many people who do not know that there is even an ordinance of this type and this should change.” 16:48 Janet Sanz responds: “For us it is an ordinance with a very protective regulatory framework and we have worked to make it effective”.

16:46 Jordi Coronas, ERC: “We should assess the compliance of the ordinance of responsible animal ownership” 16:43 Laia Ortiz responds: “Very soon we will have the data you ask us and have no doubt that we will be transparent.” 16:42 Marilén Barceló, Ciutadans: “We request that the government present the number of people affected by energy poverty.” 16:34 Ada Colau replies: “We are working on this and very soon we will have some reports that will show us the way to approach this project”. 16:32 Trias: “You said that we have a problem of low salaries and both political formations have taken measures to reverse the situation, one of which is the creation of a work table to deal with the creation of a base salary.

16:31 We turn to the section of Prayers in the Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Council

16:31 We turn to the section of Prayers in the Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Council


Xavier Trias de Demócrates begins. 16:30 The motion of the PSC is approved by the votes in favor of all parties except the abstention of the CUP and the PP. 16:26 Laia Ortiz, BCN en Comú: “This country has suffered multiple economic scams and administrations, however the worst has been the reform of pensions, but this motion is still supported by the Advisory Council of Gent Gran. The low salaries and the scarce contribution that they can make to the Pension System are the main problem of the same one and we will vote in favor to try to revoke it “. 16:23 Maria Rovira, CUP: “Social Security is in structural deficit since 2010, with the Socialists in the government, in fact it was President Zapatero who froze pensions, because of these inconsistencies we can not vote in favor and we abstain” . 16:20 Àngels Esteller, PP: “We work in the direction to recover the country from the economic crisis and with it the pension system, our policies have served to create more than 1,300,000 jobs that allow the maintenance of the same”.

16:17 Trini Capdevila, ERC: “Our training is in accordance with the proposal of the PSC It is true that the pension system deserves a debate due to the aging of the population, however, the measures in labor matters that the PP has made they do not help in any way so that young people have more job opportunities and can thus contribute to the pension system In an independent Catalonia, pensioners would have more opportunities and better pay. ” 16:15 Marilén Barceló, Ciutadans: “We will vote in favor of the PSC motion, we are in favor of the Toledo Pact but the pension update should be gradual, we also want to remind the PSC that the socialists were the ones who connected the pensions. ” 16:12 Maite Zandos, Demòcrates: “We are very much in agreement with having a special sensitivity with the pensioners and older people, we are already promoting the Toledo pact and we are voting in favor of the increase in pensions. proposition”. 16:10 Andrés: “Barcelona is preparing to have a large number of elderly people, pensioners are a sector of the citizenry that there is to protect and that is why we want Barcelona to join the efforts that are being made in this field and that comply with the Toledo Pact. ” 16:06 Carmen Andrés, PSC, makes the last Institutional Declaration of the Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Council

that Barcelona adhere to the Pacte Nacional pel Referendum is approved with

the votes in favor of Barcelona en Comú, ERC and Demòcrates, the abstention of the CUP and the vote against Ciutadans, PP and PSC. 16:00 Gerardo Pisarello, Barcelona en Comú: “We are in favor of this measure and we are for ideological reasons because we understand that we have the right to choose our future and it would not even be necessary to change the constitution”. 15:58 Carmen Andrés, PSC: “We agree that we are going through a difficult time, we do not understand that the frontal opposition of ideas is the solution to the conflict, only the agreement of the two parties with respect to the law can be settled in a positive way . ” 15:56 Maria Rovira, CUP: “The manifesto seems to indicate that a total agreement between the government of the Generalitat and the State is necessary, but we do not see the need for this agreement, although we would be delighted if it were to take place. the will of a Spanish government, nor a state legality, nor a parliamentary majority in the Congress of Deputies, if we want to make the Referendum, it will not be possible to make this pact and therefore we will abstain “. 15:53 Alberto Fernández Díaz, PP: “Mr. Colau, what will you do as mayor to cover this pact?”

15:52 Jordi Coronas, ERC: “The state allows the independence movement only if it loses but when it wins, it persecutes it … With the National Party Referendum begins a new stage that we face with hope, democracy will prevail.” 15:49 Carina Mejías, Ciutadans: “We will not vote in favor of an initiative that wants to ignore the law but above all because we do not want Barcelona to be a battlefield in this regard. that they have managed to get the new / old left that Barcelona in Comú represents, and we want to talk about important issues, as they do in Germany, France or Italy “. 15:46 Forn: “In favor of Barcelona joining the Pacte Nacional pel Referendum We want to decide and vote, despite the option we want each one.” The elections of the past 27-S left a parliament with a large majority who want to decide his future, Barcelona should be next to those who want to defend democracy and freedom. ” 15:41 We turn to Propositions with the contents of an institutional Declaration in the Plenary Session of the City Council of Barcelona. Joaquim Forn speaks, Demòcrates. 15:41 The motion of the CUP is denied with the negative vote of all the political formations except the abstention of ERC.

15:36 Josep Maria Montaner, Barcelona en Comú: “Our policies in this area have been very clear, we are committed to creating 8,000 new flats and we need, at all levels, the private initiative.” Cooperatives and social entities are also Private initiative and some for-profit companies have specialized in this field for many years. ” 15:34 Daniel Mòdol, PSC: “It is impossible that the challenge that the city has in terms of building protected housing is only from the public administration, we understand that it is a completely out of place proposal and we will vote against it.” 15:32 Xavier Mulleras, PP: “Nearly two years after the arrival of Barcelona in Comú the housing situation in the city is almost worse than before, the evictions and the rent have gone up, Mrs. Colau promised 8000 homes new social and have already lowered to 3500. For us social housing is essential but we can not veto private initiative in this sector.

The Housing Plan is not enough, the Sindica’s report has already shown

we share some of its principles with the CUP, but we understand that we can not make everything muncipalize. 15:26 Koldo Blanco, Ciutadans: “We will vote against why he is intolerant, the creation of public housing is a fundamental right, and public funding alone could not be achieved, and public private management is abundant throughout Europe.”

15:22 Jordi Martí, Demòcrates: “We oppose the CUP motion, we are at the ideological antipodes with this formation and we understand that the loyal collaboration between public and private companies has helped to make the city we have.” 15:21 “The public social housing park is ridiculous to cover the needs of the inhabitants of Barcelona, ​​but today there has not been a good strategic plan with three points: Mechanisms to guarantee that the private company does not profit from the housing policy , that mixed companies are not created for the creation of public housing and the creation of a public construction company that is in charge of these policies 15:18 Proposition of the CUP on housing policies in the Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Council 15:18 The motion of the PP is rejected by the opposite vote of ERC, PSC, CUP and BCN in Comú Demócratas has voted in favor and Ciutadans, abstention 15:13 Gerardo Pisarello, Barcelona in Comú: “The PP has made a very generic motion but it falls into the error of ambivalence. To every proposal we make to improve the lives of citizens, you and your party are opposed. “

15:11 Carmen Andrés, PSC: “We do not understand the purpose of the PP motion and therefore we do not know how to answer it, you, Mr. Fernández Díaz, speak of social principles and values ​​that we believe we are already carrying out.” 15:08 María José Lecha, CUP: “Seeing what the PP proposes in its motion, we do not know who it refers to, whether to the municipal government or its own party comrades.”
15:06 ERC: “This statement of principles that shows us is very good but could also be taught to so many cases of mismanagement, if not corruption of your party.” 15:05 Carina Mejías, Citizens: “More than a motion, it seems like a declaration of principles, you, Mr. Fernández Díaz, often say one thing and do another, so we will abstain”. 15:02 Joaquim Forn, Demòcrates: “Good governance is done with the duality of efficiency in the administration and with the trust of society and the current government is not exercising it.We share part of the proposal of the motion of the PP and we will give you the support. “

14:59 Fernández Díaz: “You, Mayor, are promoting a Barcelona of a few, of those who think like you, so we present a motion to return to the values ​​that have governed the city of Barcelona for more than 30 years. years, a city far from extremism. ” 14:58 Alberto Fernández Díaz, PP, Municipal presents his motion on the management of politics in the Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Council . 14:57 The motion of ERC is approved by the favorable votes of all the groups except those of BCN in Comú and PSC that have voted against. 14:51 Gerardo Pisarello, BCN en Comú: ” Barcelona City Council is taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the surplus and we are the town council that most executes its budgets but the law prevents us from allocating more money to this game”. 14:49 Montserrat Ballarín, PSC: “A public administration can not keep money without spending, so we agree with the ERC motion but we can not allocate more money to this game because then we should change the entire economic plan of the This situation we do not like but the law of budgetary stability prevents us.

The capitalist system does not think about the whole of the citizenship and therefore we support

The capitalist system does not think about the whole of the citizenship and therefore we support

the occupation of empty spaces, housing is essential to have a life project and from the administrations we should help in this right. The ERC motion aims to help the construction of public housing and it is a policy that we support. ” 14:42 Xavier Mulleras, PP: “Having a surplus in a public administration is bad news, it’s no use having money in the bank but it should be invested in its neighborhoods and streets.” This anomaly shows that there is room to reduce taxes and improve urban infrastructures, we will support the ERC motion “. 14:39 Ciutadans: “It is a chronic evil that the city of Barcelona systematically has a surplus in its accounts, it is an unnecessary fiscal choke for the citizens since it earns more than what is invested. right”. 14:38 Demòcrates: “We do not understand why Mr. Pisarello hides that the Barcelona City Council will close the year with a surplus, something that, incidentally, you criticized in our years of government, you are starting to have financing problems and you should throw this surplus to pay debts instead of earmarking it for the improvement of the city. ” 14:35 ERC: “We do not understand how there is a surplus in the city of Barcelona, ​​inequality has grown, we ask that 25% of the total be allocated to the creation of housing”.

14:33 New point. ERC on the 2016 surplus. 14:32 The motion is approved with the votes in favor of Ciudadanos, PSC, Barcelona en Comú, Demòcrates and the PP. Against it are the CUP and ERC abstains. Plenary session of the Barcelona City Council . 14:29 Agustí Colom, Barcelona en Comú: “We agree with the motion presented by Citizens, we have requested many times the cession of competences by the Generalitat in this aspect, we understand that a regulation on tourist flats would serve to give opportunities and reduce conflicts. ” 14:26 Montse Ballarín, PSC: “Barcelona has singularities about tourism and for that reason it should have a regulation that allows it to be regulated, and we hope that the Generalitat will recognize our autonomy in this regard.” 14:24 María José Lecha, CUP: “We will vote against why the Generalitat already regulates this situation, for us the control of tourist flats should be a normality, with this motion the right to housing of the people of Barcelona is not solved.”

The tourist flats are an important economic activity in Barcelona

The tourist flats are an important economic activity in Barcelona

​​we know that they are a complement for many families but we understand that we have to regulate it, however, the Generalitat has not yet given us the competences in this aspect and for that reason we will not be able to make the necessary inspections “. 14:19 Jordi Coronas, ERC: “We are aware that an ordinance has to be drawn up to regulate tourist flats, but the Citizens motion falls short, we should improve energy efficiency or improve accessibility in these flats”. 14:16 Jordi Martí, Demòcrates “We agree with the Citizens’ motion, we already commented that this duality should be a reality and would help the redistribution of wealth Many families could obtain a line of income that they would be entitled to have, and also they would pay taxes for it. ” 14:13 The proposed ordinance should regulate the rights and obligations of both owners and tenants. In addition, it should have the power of sanction and even the elimination of a license in case of non-compliance. 14:10 We move on to the impulse and control part. Koldo Blanco (Ciutadans) makes a motion to create a new ordinance on tourist rental that separates what is a one-floor rental from what is the rent of a room.

14:08 The Plan is rejected with the votes against the municipal government plus the CUP and the abstention of the PP, Ciutadans, Demòcrates and ERC. Even so the plan will be approved by administrative silence as some parties claim. 14:04 Blasi: “Today they are paying for populism and its mismanagement, we know that whatever we do, the plan will be approved”. 14:03 Sanz responds to the opinions of the spokespersons of the Plenary Session of the City Council of Barcelona : “Neither bad faith nor legal uncertainty The municipal government will always defend local commerce but if there is a report that obliges us to do so, we will respect the decision” . 14:01 María José Lecha, CUP: “We are opposed to the model of Shopping Centers, we were satisfied with the attitude of the government not to continue with this plan and for this reason we do not understand that now they have knelt before the power of the big companies” . 13:58 Albeto Fernández Díaz, PP: “The municipal government has deceived the public by stating that they were against the expansion of Diagonal Mar. To begin with, it is not a question of expanding but relocating the same commercial meters. faith and on the verge of prevarication, it is enough to try to instrumentalize the law “.

13:56 Jordi Coronas, ERC: “Today we have a legal report that says that the denial of the plan is against the law, we already knew it, I hope you have learned the lesson and you listen to us more”. 13:53 Koldo Blanco, Ciutadans: “You have acted in bad faith, you have never had the intention of approving this point and now you have presented us with a report, lacking in rigor and poorly drafted, about which we have barely had time to study it” . 13:52 Blasi: “We are not talking about an increase in square meters of commercial exploitation, but how they are distributed, you, IC-V today Barcelona en Comú and the PSC are responsible for all the commercial centers of the City”. 13:50 Blasi, Demòcrata: “You have made many promises that this plan will not throw away and now you turn it around, you have taken a report out of your sleeve that gives you reason.
13:48 Sanz: “The denial of the Plan would be contrary to the law, so we will try to approve it but listening to the opinions of the councilors.”

13:46 Sanz: “This plan has an administrative but also a political position, which is why it is taken to the Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Council .” 13:45 Janet Sanz speaks to defend the special plan that provides for the expansion of the Diagonal Mar shopping center. 13:44 Points 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. without interventions by councilors, are approved. Among them there is more cession of public land for the construction of houses or the designation of the First Tinent d’Alcaldia as representative of the Commissioner of Cooperative, Social and Solidarity Economy and Consumption. 13:40 The motion is approved. 13:39 The CUP clarifies that the priority should be the construction of public housing on public land and with public funding, so they will abstain.

13:38 The PP accepts the cession of municipal plots of land to the Municipal Housing Board but also criticizes the cession to Housing Cooperatives. They will vote against. 13:37 Demòcates and Citizens affirm that they will approve the motion. ERC wonders why it is necessary to cede the property of the duel to a Cooperative, for that reason they affirm that they will vote against. 13:35 Covivienda is the construction of houses by cooperatives and it is a new impulse that the municipal government is launching. 13:33 It gives way to two points in a row. The assignment of two lots for the construction of flats under the Covivienda regime. Defend the point the Housing Councilor. 13:31 The groups of the Plenary of the City council of Barcelona have been in favor, except ERC and the PP that abstain. The point of the Agenda is therefore approved.

13:31 Alberto Fernández Díaz: “Today we are witnessing the resignation of the Generalitat to the construction of a residence, a site that has been without use for 18 years, which should give shame to the autonomous and municipal governments.” 13:28 Demòcrates Recasens: The Generalitat has never wanted to do anything with this site and therefore returns it to the City Council. Yes, we ask that you do compreometa construction equipment but talking to the neighbors. ” 13:27 The point means accepting the resignation formualda by the Government of the sale of municipal property to facilitate the construction of a residence. 13: 26 Colau gives way to a new item on the Agenda of the Plenary Session of Barcelona City Hall 13:25 Collboni replies: “The only decrease that this government wants is unemployment. You do not have a single data that shows that the city is economically paralyzed.

13:24 Garganté: “More Marca Barcelona means paying for private promotion with public money”. 13:23 Garganté: “If we were in Argentina, we could say Peronists, but since we are in Barcelona, ​​we call them Maragallistas, they say one thing and they do another.” 13:21 Time for the representative of the CUP, Josep Garganté 13:21 Mulleras: “Since Ms. Colau is mayor, they have only been dedicated to dynamiting the streets with the economic sectors, and you are also partly to blame. tourist investments in the city, they have generalized the expropriation of private and fomented the occupation “. 13:19 Speak now, Xavier Mulleras of the PP: “Mr. Collboni, I would have to do many conferences to deal with the management of Ms. Colau, who has assisted many investors”.

13:17 Bosch. “Barcelona is the capital of a country and this is called Catalunya

I like who wants to work closely with the Genealitat and therefore, if you want to talk more about the subject, you will find us a good partner. 13 : 16 Speak now, Alfred Bosch (ERC), at the Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Council : “Many of the actions described in this Plan are long-term and were initiated by previous governments.” 13:14 Mejías: “You, mr. Collboni, tries to preserve the governance that made the mayors preceding Mr. Colau. With it at the forefront, a legal insecurity has been created that frightens international investors ” 13:13 The representative of Ciudadanos, Carina Mejías, speaks now:” This project should be said, Collboni comes to the rescue of the Barcelona Brand, to try to recover the prestige lost by its government partners. ” 13:12 Recasens:” We have doubts about the role of the PSC in the face of the controversies that the municipal group of Barcelona en Comú has created in this section “

13:11 Recasens: “The Barcelona Brand, the main tool of international economic policy, is in the courts, the first thing to do is to recover it”. 13:09 Sònia Recasens: “There is a certain continuity line in this line, all the governments of the city have bet on it”. 13:08 Shift for the Grup Demòcrata 13:07 Collboni: “We want a determined screening, one that has added value, with job creation and good salaries.We definitely bet on creative industries and technology-based industries.” 13:05 Collboni: “We want to decide the economic model we want for the future and international projection is essential for that”.

13:03 Ada Colau thanks the work of the trustee and gives way to the next point of the day “Barcelona Ciutat Oberta” that defends Jaume Collboni. 13:03 The Síndica de Greuges, Maria Assumpció Vilà, thanks the words of the spokespersons and reaffirms the importance of the institution that presides over this Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Council . 13:01 Pisarello: “The Montoro Law is suffocating the City Councils and prevents us from strengthening the muncipal staff in all areas, and that is why we left 10 consistories yesterday to ask for your repeal.” 12:59 Pisarello accepts that precariousness in Barcelona is on the rise but blames the labor policies that Convergència agreed with the PP in Madrid. 12:57 Pisarello: “About the house, right now we are doing many policies that had never been done before, we have imposed fines on the banks, we have increased the rent subsidies and we are paying 240 million that the Generalitat should pay.

12:55 Pisarello: “Reading the report of the Síndica shows that the city government is doing

12:55 Pisarello: "Reading the report of the Síndica shows that the city government is doing

a good job, despite the catastrophism painted by the opposition groups.” 12:54 Take the palabara Gerardo Pisarello, spokesman for Barcelona en Comú. 12:54 Jordi Martí ends his speech by congratulating the Síndica for her work, which she describes as “excellent” and summons the entire Barcelona City Council Plenary to continue working with her. 12:51 Martí: “We are very critical of the policy of neighborhood denunces of illegal tourist flats, the Sindica has received 108 complaints for this reason and they are too many, we believe that it is an inappropriate policy of a government such as the Barcelona City Council , and they should be the ones who did it without involving the citizenship. ” 12:48 Jordi Martí, the spokesman for the renamed Demócrata group, former CIU, affirms that he shares the concern for access to housing in the city. For Martí, the Generalitat is working on it but disagrees about the criticism of the trustee on tourist flats.

12:45 Turn for the Democratic Group in this Plenary Session of the Barcelona City Council . 12:45 “I do not understand why this government creates conflicts where there were no” in reference to the controversy over Franco’s statues. 12:43 Desde Ciudadanos se pide una reforma de los derechos sociales. Además, recuerdan que ellos ya presentaron una propuesta de reforma. 12:41 Ciudadanos comparte con la Síndica que en Barcelona se ha producido un aumento de infrancciones y por ello, se debería dotar de más efectivos a la Guardia Urbana y aumentar la ordenanza de civismo. 12:36 Turno ahora para Ciutadans para valorar el informe de la Sindica.

12:32 Argumenta Alfred Bosch que se tiene que cuidar más Ciutat Vella

12:32 Argumenta Alfred Bosch que se tiene que cuidar más Ciutat Vella

“no puede ser que el corazón de Barcelona sea problemático y desatendido” 12:29 Dice Alfred Bosch que cuidar a la Sindica de Greuges es cuidar a los ciudadanos de Barcelona, pero que les hubiera gustado que este debate tuviera un día propio en el que no hubieran otros debates. 12:29 Turno ahora del Grupo Municipal del ERC para valorar el informe de la Sindica de Greuges. 12:25 El PSC dice que comparte con la Sindica la visión del urbanismo para la ciudad de Barcelona en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 12:20 Turno ahora del Grupo Municipal del PSC para valorar el informe de la Sindica de Greuges.

12:18 Recordamos que la alcaldesa de Barcelona, Ada Colau, ha reclamado a los grupos de CiU, ERC y CUP que colaboren para que la Generalitat haga frente a los retos de la ciudad principalmente en vivienda pero también en contaminación, turismo y comercio, ya PP y Ciudadanos que hagan lo mismo en el ámbito del Estado.

En el inicio del pleno extraordinario para debatir el estado de la ciudad, Colau ha señalado como “reto prioritario” de Barcelona hacer frente a la burbuja inmobiliaria que está haciendo que los precios del alquiler de vivienda tengan “precios abusivos y desorbitados”. 12:13 Turno ahora del Grupo Municipal del PP para valorar el informe de la Sindica de Greuges. 12:08 Los grupos municipales valoran ahora el informe 2016 de la Sindica de Greuges de Barcelona. 12:05 Josep Garganté, regidor de la CUP: “La Sindicatura de Greuges es como el Ayuntamiento, de cartón piedra”. 12:04 Finaliza su intervención, Maria Assumpció Vilà, la Sindica de Greuges. Ahora comienza el turno de la CUP.

12:00 Turno para la venta ambulante, dice la Sindica que es un tema “que le duele mucho” y por el que no se han encontrado soluciones. Sigue el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona de este viernes. 11:56 Durante el 2016 la Sindica ha hecho 3.334 actuaciones, 1.735 consultas y asesoramiento general y 1.609 quejas, explica en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona. 11:53 También pide la que gente pueda disfrutar de un medio ambiente sin agredirlo. 11:51 Pide la Sindica que se tome con especial atención el tema de la vivienda y se cumplan los objetivos. 11:48 Las reclamaciones atendidas por la Sindica son del ámbito de vivienda, los derechos básicos, el medio ambiente y el transporte público.

11:47 Recuerda la Sindica de Greuges la creación de la Sindicatura de Greuges en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 11:44 Empieza la Sindica de Greuges diciendo que está muy orgullosa de la marcha de “Volem acollir” 11:43 Aprovada la acta de la sesión anterior da la palabra a Maria Assumpció Vilà 11:42 Ada Colau da inicio al pleno ordinario con la Sindica de Greuges, Maria Assumpció Vilà que presentará su informe anual sobre las quejas de los barceloneses. 11:40 Pide Ada Colau a los regidores que vuelvan al pleno para poder empezar esta sesión ordinaria.

11:38 Un informe jurídico del secretario general del Ayuntamiento, encargado por la teniente de alcalde Janet Sanz

considera que negarse a la aprobación definitiva de esta operación comercial“sería contrario a derecho”. La situación coloca en un brete al gobierno de Ada Colau que si finalmente decide discutir la ampliación en el plenario se vería obligado a dar luz verde a esta actuación. 11:37 El pleno municipal de Barcelona retirará hoy, con toda probabilidad de la orden del día, el punto que debe discutir la ampliación del centro comercial de Diagonal Mar. 11:37 PLENO DEL AYUNTAMIENTO DE BARCELONA: Colau podría retirar del pleno la ampliación de Diagonal de Mar. Un informe jurídico señala que suspender el plan del centro comercial “sería contrario a derecho”. 11:34 Seguimos a la espera de que de inicio la sesión ordinaria de este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona , siguen los regidores en este receso. 11:30 Recordamos que en este pleno ordinario, la Sindica de Greuges, Maria Assumpció Vilà, presentará su informe anual sobre las quejas de los barceloneses.

11:28 Termina el pleno extraordinario del estado de la ciudad y se suspende unos minutos este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona antes del inicio de la sesión ordinaria. 11:28 Mientars Ada Colau contesta a Fernández Díaz, el presidente del Grupo Municipal del PP hace gestos de solo hablar. 11:26 Agradece Ada Colau a Mejías el hecho de trabajar conjuntamente en el ámbito de la vivienda antes de concluir este debate del estado de la ciudad. 11:22 Turno de nuevo para la CUP que tiene tres minutos para contestar. 11:19 Vuelve a contestar de manera breve Mejías de Ciutadans diciendo a Collboni que no han hecho catastrofismo si no que han constatado el fracaso.

11:17 Contesta de nuevo el Grupo Municipal Demòcrata de nuevo en este debate del estado de la ciudad en el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 11:14 Turno de nuevo para Jaume Collboni después terminar la CUP. 11:11 “El plan estratégico de turismo hará perdurar el modelo, que ese es el problema”, dice Lecha. 11:10 Recordamos que seguimos en el turno de debate del estado de la ciudad de Barcelona, en el pleno extraordinario del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona , antes que empiece la sesión ordinaria de este febrero. 11:05 “Un proyecto personalista que es el que gobierna la ciudad”, dice Lecha en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona .

11:03 María José Lecha, regidora CUP Capgirem Barcelona dice que no están de acuerdo con el formato de este debate del estado de la ciudad de Barcelona, justo antes del pleno ordinario con un orden del día y cerrado a los ciudadanos. 11:02 Acaba el turno del PP y toma la palabra la CUP. 11:00 Alberto Fernández Díaz: “El número de hurtos en Barcelona se ha aumentado en casi un 5%” 10:55 “Una Barcelona de recortes, los suyos, en el tema de la vivienda. Tanto que le gusta a usted a hablar de recortes”, sigue contestando el PP al informe sobre el estado de la ciudad de Ada Colau en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 10:53 Alberto Fernández Díaz: “Hable menos y haga más, todos tenemos sentimiento y usted intenta sacar beneficio del drama ajeno”.

10:51 “Usted se aprovecha del dolor ajeno para gobernas, los desahucios

10:51 "Usted se aprovecha del dolor ajeno para gobernas, los desahucios

la pobreza energética y los refugiados. Solo para hacerse la fotografía”, dice Alberto Fernández Díaz muy duro con Colau en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 10:49 “Es un ayuntamiento que gesticula porque no gobierna, que lo hace todo desde el sectarismo. Usted agita para no gobernar”, dice Fernández Díaz a Colau. 10:48 Alberto Fernández Díaz, presidente del Grupo Municipal del PP: “Siempre que me preguntan como está Barcelona, yo contesto que bien, pese a su alcaldesa”. 10:47 Acaba el turno de ERC y toma la palabra el PP. 10:46 “Nosotros pensamos en Barcelona, no vamos con una consigna por delante”, dice Bosch a Colau en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona .

no vamos bien, no estoy diciendo que sea culpa suya pero si estoy diciendo que el Ayuntamiento tiene que hacer algo. Hay más de 10 desahucios por día en Barcelona”. 10:41 “La gestión del turismo, esperemos que se cumpla, pero de momento lo que hemos visto es apartamentos ilegales. Nos encontramos con negocios que se tiene que cerrar y rápido”, dice Bosch. 10:38 Alfred Bosch en el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona : “Nos es una conspiración de la derecha, tienen en contra a todo el mundo, desde la CUP al PP. ¿No serán vosotros que van en otra dirección? Por algo será si tienen a todo el mundo en contra”. 10:35 Alfred Bosch, president del Grupo Municipal de ERC: “Hay dos gobiernos, el que hace anuncio y vende maravillas y el que tendría que gestionar y no lo hace. El que no gobierna como tendría que gobernar. Nos preocupada mucho esta dualidad, esta doble cara que nos va a poner en muchos problemas a la ciudad de Barcelona “. 10:33 Concluye el turno de Ciutadans y toma la palabra ERC.

10:32 “Nosotros no nos vamos a manifestar nunca contra los turistas, porque no nos lo podemos permitir, Barcelona siempre ha sido una ciudad abierta que apuesta por el turismo. Nunca vamos a rechazar a los turistas”, sigue contestando Ciutadans en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 10:31 “Hay que dignificar el papel de la Guardia Urbana y darle de nuevo su papel”, dice Mejías. 10:29 “Barcelona sigue adelante a pesar de su Gobierno”, recalca Ciutadans, muy crítico con la gestión de Ada Colau. 10:28 “Escuchen de una vez por todas a los trabajadores del Metro de Barcelona. Tiene que saber escuchar Ada Colau, su gestión es un problema para los barceloneses”, dice Mejías a Colau. 10:25 Crítica Ciutadans las medidas para la vivienda y el transporte.

10:25 Ciudadano sigue contestando a la exposición de Ada Colau sobre el estado de la ciudad en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 10:24 Carina Mejías: “Han manchado la reputación de Barcelona a nivel internacional. Aunque hoy viene Collboni a poner parches a sus problemas. No han conseguido ni reducir las desigualdades”. 10:22 Carina Mejías presidenta del Grupo Municipal de Ciutadans a Ada Colau: “Les sobra ideología, los barceloneses se están dando cuenta que no cumplen sus promesas”. 10:20 Turno ahora para el grupo de Ciutadans en este debate sobre el estado de la ciudad. 10:15 Sigue el debate sobre el estado de la ciudad en este inicio de pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona de este viernes 24 de febrero.

10:15 Recordamos que el grupo de CiU en el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona ha cambiado oficialmente su denominación por Grup Municipal Demòcrata (PDeCAT-Unió-Demòcrates), por lo que el único concejal de Demòcrates de Catalunya, Gerard Ardanuy, ha anunciado que su partido presentará un recurso de reposición. 10:14 “Desde que es alcaldesa ha aumentado el número de desahucios”, dice el Grup Municipal Demòcrata a Colau. 10:12 Turno ahora para hablar del turismo y del paso del tranvía por la Diagonal. 10:10 “Prefiere homogenizar la pobreza. Es un castigo para los más desfavorecidos”, dice el Grup Municipal Demòcrata a Colau. 10:08 Turno hora del Grup Municipal Demòcrata que dice que “la ciudad no va por buen camino” y dice a Ada Colau que para ella gobernar esta ciudad “es un entretenimiento”. “Usted es una broma para los ricos y una pesadilla para la clase media”.

10:06 “Reforzamos la política de barrios y de comercio de proximidad, dandole más oportunidades a los jóvenes para evitar que se vayan de la ciudad”. 10:05 Jaume Collboni habla de un modelo económico para la ciudad, “decidir que modelo queremos para hacer esta ciudad”. 10:02 Ada Colau pasa la palabra a Jaume Collboni en este informe sobre el estado de la ciudad en el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 09:58 Sigue repasando Ada Colau los planes de vivienda en Barcelona. 09:55 “Durante 2016 se ha recuperado el 68% de los sitios de trabajo perdido durante la crisis”, dice Ada Colau

09:53 Turno para hablar del área metropolitana y el liderazgo internacional en esta presentación del estado de la ciudad en el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 09:50 “Por primera vez las 50.00 facturas anuales del Ayuntamiento están disponibles online”. 09:48 Sigue Ada Colau presentando el informe sobre el estado de la ciudad en el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona y marca como objetivo las desigualdades en la ciudad. 09:47 “En 2015 la ciudadania dio una orden de un doble mandato: de cambio y de dialogo”, dice Ada Colau en el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 09:46 Ada Colau: “Hemos priorizado las políticas de violencia machista”.

09:43 Ada Colau presentando el estado de la ciudad en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

09:43 Ada Colau presentando el estado de la ciudad en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona


“No todo es positivo, porque la mayoría del trabajo que se está creando es precario y cada vez es más gente de la clase media que no puede llegar a final de mes”. 09:42 Dice Ada Colau que la población de Barcelona se ha consolidado pero tiende a envejecer en los últimos años. “Tenemos un ciudad que crece más del 3% anualmente. Somos una ciudad abierta que está bien posicionada internacionalmente”. 09:41 Ada Colau ha anunciado el cambio de nombre del grupo municipal de CIU por Grupo Municipal Demòcrata. 09:41 Comienza Ada Colau a presentar el informe sobre el estado de la ciudad después de dos años de mandato 09:38 Toma la palabra Ada Colau para dar inicio a esta sesión extraordinaria sobre el estado de la ciudad en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona.

09:38 COMIENZA EL PLENO DEL AYUNTAMIENTO DE BARCELONA 09:34 Recordamos que la sesión empezará con el estado de la ciudad como tema principal en este pleno extraordinario. 09:31 A punto de empezar el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona 09:28 Recordamos que el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona de este viernes 24 de febrero dará inicio a las 9.30 horas, primero con el pleno extraordinario y luego con el pleno ordinario de febrero. 09:25 El debate llega después de los acuerdos que el equipo de Ada Colau ha cerrado con ERC para el plan de alojamientos turísticos, y con CiU y C ‘s para el plan de vivienda, pero también después de las negociaciones fallidas para el presupuesto, las ordenanzas fiscales y el PAM.

09:22 Ya en la edición anterior, los pactos de gobierno marcaron las intervenciones en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 09:18 A diferencia del año pasado en este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona , el debate se hará en la sala del plenario Carles Pi i Sunyer y no el Saló de Cent. El gobierno cambió de ubicación esta sesión para “abrir el debate” a la ciudadanía, pero la asistencia de público no satisfizo las expectativas. Por ello, este plenario, que se podrá seguir por betevé, volverá a la sala de plenos. 09:15 Jordi Coronas (ERC) ha criticado que el gobierno agrupe en un solo día este debate y el informe de la síndica. “Parece que se quieran agrupar temas incómodos para el gobierno”, dijo, mientras que María José Lecha (CUP) cree que el horario escogido “es muy indicativo de las rebajas del gobierno en participación” antes de este pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona . 09:11 Desde CiU, sin embargo, el portavoz Joaquim Forn hace un balance negativo de la gestión municipal y cree que “ahora se está peor que hace un año”. Carina Mejías (Cs) ve una ciudad “con el freno de mano puesto”, y Alberto Fernández (PP) describe Ada Colau como “la alcaldesa de Barcelona comunista” porque actúa de forma “autoritaria”. 09:08 CiU, Cs y PP hacen una lectura negativa, y ERC y la CUP critican el formato.

09:06 Nueve meses después de sellar el pacto

09:06 Nueve meses después de sellar el pacto


el gobierno de Ada Colau y Jaume Collboni afrontará en el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona de esta mañana el primer debate sobre el estado de la ciudad. 09:03 Pleno Ayuntamiento Barcelona : Este viernes se hace el primer debate sobre el estado de la ciudad con el Ejecutivo de coalición entre BComú y el PSC. 09:00 El pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, en directo : Muy buenos días y bienvenidos al seguimiento al detalle del pleno del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona de este viernes 24 de febrero.

El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona celebra esta mañana a partir de las 9.30 horas, un pleno extraordinario para debatir el estado de la ciudad y otro ordinario en el que la Sindica de Greuges, Maria Assumpció Vilà, presentará su informe anual sobre las quejas de los barceloneses.

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